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  Intro: Just click the add to cart button for the discs you want. Then click the View Cart link above for the total & to select shipping. Then contact me with what you want & for payment info. I accept credit cards, money orders, cash, & checks.

Delivery: Requests received by Noon Pacific Time (Monday thru Friday) are usually sent within 24 hours! If I expect it to take longer (for larger sets) I will email you to let you know.

Confirmation: After I get your disks burned, you will receive an email with a delivery confirmation tracking number if shipped by Priority Mail within the U.S.

Quality: I check files with current versions of rom management tools - clrmame pro & Good Tools to verify they are all correct. I use only 1st class media (discs) according to digitalfaq. Everything is packaged carefully in bubble wrap or a bubble envelope to prevent damage during shipping. Sets come in paper sleeves with the disc name/number written on them.

Set Name Version Description
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182 DVDs - $364.00

Apple Macintosh CD 2006-02-26
Applications, Educational, Games

1 DVDs - $2.00

Bandai Pippin Atmark & Playdia 2006-03-12
Applications, Coverdiscs, Games

1 DVD - $2.00

Commodore Amiga CD 2006-10-30
Applications, Coverdiscs, Games, Multimedia, Public Domain Collections, Unofficial Games

52 DVDs - $104.00

Commodore Amiga CD32 2006-10-30
Applications, Coverdisc, Games, Multimedia, Public Domain Collections, Unofficial Compilations, Unofficial Games, Unofficial Multimedia

9 DVDs - $18.00

Commodore Amiga CDTV 2006-03-12
Educational, Games, Multimedia, Public Domain Collections, Unofficial Compilations, Unofficial Games

4 DVDs - $8.00

Philips CD-i 2007-01-12
Applications, Educational, Games, Multimedia, Music, Samplers

28 DVDs - $56.00

REAL 3DO Interactive Multiplayer 2007-11-05
Adult, Coverdiscs, Educational, Games, Multimedia, Samplers

34 DVDs - $68.00

Sega Mega-CD & Sega CD 2007-08-12
Coverdiscs, Games, Multimedia, Samplers, Unofficial Games

15 DVDs - $30.00

Sega Saturn 2007-08-12
Applications, BIOS, Games, Multimedia, Samplers

28 DVDs - $56.00

SNK Neo-Geo CD 2007-07-21
Games, Unofficial Demos, Unoffiicial Games

9 DVDs - $18.00

Small TOSEC Collections -
NEC PC-Engine CD & TurboGrafx-16 CD, Sega Dreamcast
PC-Engine Unofficial Games, Dreamcast Demos

1 CD - $2.00

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